Random images | Kabul in 1967-68 vrs. 2000-10

We all know about Kabul, the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. We just found out this amazing photo archive about Afghanistan, mostly in Kabul in 1967-68 by Dr. Bill Podlich, photographer. All images were scanned from slides and restored by C. Esterson.

We can read about Kabul at those years:

In the 1960s, Kabul developed a cosmopolitan mood. The first Marks & Spencer store in Central Asia was built there. Kabul Zoo was inaugurated in 1967, which was maintained with the help of visiting German zoologists. Many foreigners began flocking to Kabul with the increase in global air travels around that time. The nation’s tourism industry was starting to pick up rapidly for the first time. On the contrary, a 1969 a religious uprising at the Pul-e Khishti Mosque protested the Soviet Union’s increasing influence over Afghan politics and religion. This protest ended in the arrest of many of its organizers, including Mawlana Faizani, a popular Islamic scholar.

All these images were taken before Soviet invasion and civil war in 1979 and of course, before United States and British invasion in 2001. The reflection here is to realize if the city have changed after the war times… or not. Let’s answer with images, no comments needed:

Militar forces:

Military Band 1967-68

US Army Afghanistan 2006


Highrise in Istalif 1967-68

Marines in Kabul 2005


Kabul International 1967-68

C-17 in 2001

US Embassy:

US Embassy 1967-68

Marine, US Embassy, Kabul, 2004


School Lunch Time 1967-68

A girl in an outdoor classroom 2004


All along the Watchtower

An Anti-Taliban Forces (ATF) fighter 2002


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