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Mexico City is one of the most populated cities on earth, the largest metropolitan area in the Americas and the third largest agglomeration in the world. With striking data of urban sprawl, inmigration, violence and social problems, it’s also is the perfect city for architects, artist, designers, anthropologhist, archeologist and urban planners [among many others] to specalute about its future and it’s also an infinite source of inspiration and creativity. Many factors such as industrial growth and a demographic boom have contributed to this situation, and we can not wait to become the flâneurs that will be revisiting the city that has more than 3.5 million vehicles moving in its the streets.

We’re really excited to start the journey through the city in order to experience it. While Baudelaire characterized the flâneur as a “gentleman stroller of city streets”, he saw the flâneur as having a key role in understanding, participating in and portraying the city and this is exactly what we’re all going to do at Postopolis! DF

Mexico City, Google Earth caption

With an striking effort and a wonderful pasionate and forward-thinkers attitude, Storefront for Art and Architecture, in partnership with Museo Experimental El Eco, Tomo and Domus Magazine, will host the third edition of Postopolis!. As part of the official note:

A public five-day session of near-continuous conversation curated by some of the world’s most prominent bloggers from the fields of architecture, art, urbanism, landscape, music and design. 10 world-renowned bloggers from Los Angeles, New York, Turin, Barcelona, London and elsewhere will convene in one location in Mexico City to host a series of discussions, interviews, slideshows, presentations, films and panels fusing the informal and interdisciplinary approach of the architecture blogosphere with rare face-to-face interaction.

The first Postopolis! took place in the gallery space at Storefront for Art and Architecture during the summer of 2007, and a second edition was held in Los Angeles in 2009.

Postopolis! L.A. in 2009

Museo Experimental El Eco

Each day, the 10 participating bloggers will meet in the magnificent courtyard of Museo Experimental El Eco, designed by Matthias Goeritz, to conduct back-to-back interviews of some of Mexico City’s most influential thinkers and practitioners – including architects, city planners, artists and urban theorists but also military historians, filmmakers, photographers, activists and musicians. The talks will be conducted in either Spanish or English, and translations will be available. Each day of talks will end with an after-party hosted by some of Mexico City’s most influential music blogs.

We’re going into details about our confirmed invitees soon, so please stay tunned to know more about them!

We cannot wait to leave the digital world for a while and share our time with the participants invited, who are Intersections [Daniel Hernandez], Urban Omnibus [Cassim Shepard], Toxico Cultura [Gabriella Gomez-Mont], Mudd Up! [Jace Clayton aka DJ /rupture], Tomo [Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa], Edible Geography [Nicola Twilley], We Make Money Not Art [Regine Debatty], Strangeharvest [Sam Jacob], Wayne & Wax [Wayne Marshall], and happily, us!

Join POSTOPOLIS! DF on June 8-12 at the Museo Experimental El Eco, located on Sullivan 43, Col. San Rafael, Mexico City. We also want to highlight the support of the sponsors: Mexicana, the British Embassy, Urbi VidaResidencial, UNAM, Difusión Cultural UNAM, el Museo Experimental El Eco, Cityexpress and XXLager.

Many thanks to the organizers Joseph Grima, Daniel Perlin, César Cotta, and José Esparza.

Don’t forget to follow all the updates at Postopolis! DF, follow the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #postopolis and following @postopolis


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