I Had a Dream [Orwellian 01 | Augmented Reality]


Evangelina Guerra Luján.

I had a dream. An ordinary dream. Just everyday scenarios with a hint of strangeness in the atmosphere. The difference was sensed in the slow and gravity-free pace of pedestrians crossing the dense city streets of an invented urban territory. On the other side, there was a crowded, extense, plain and gray concrete desert with people making long lines with no purpose, drawing human borders to safeguard, in between, the nothingness. I knew exactly where I was, but it made no difference. Every enclave depicted a copy-paste action in smaller or larger scale. Suddenly I had a thought. I placed both my hands like looking at my palms, entered the inscrutable border between the outside and the inside and traveled through the dunes of my skin. This anatomical drive invited me deeper into the territory of my epidermis. As I walked through the furrows of my skin and deflowered the local botanical gestures placed as mistaken, I received a thriving message. I saw in this unknown landscape every bit of information one needs to know. I sailed the vast wisdom sea manipulating every code, every piece of data of my palms landscape. I watched in the tip of my finger the world trembling in a state of freedom. The Infinite Monument of Knowledge was erect at the intersection of Everywhere and Always. It was pointing at me. I know, you know, she knows… everybody knew, because everybody saw, in the palm of their hands, the absolute everything of all times. It was an exhilarating and trembling moment. I crossed my borders inside-out, and returned to the exterior. I stared at my hands, breathing heavily as I thought “ I knew it…”. As I touched the succinct body of every extension of myself, I transformed the space, its stage, its reality. I created worlds, and imagine new moments, big and small. Frequent, conventional and ordinary turned into rare, exotic and extraordinary. And the source of power was my skin. My hands. My fingers. My tips. My touch. Me.

I was free.
I was free.
I am free.
It is only a dream.





This essay has been written by Evangelina Guerra Luján for the fanzine Orwellian, a limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies that was produced for the presentation “Augmented Reality with dpr-barcelona” at the Apple Store Passeig de Gràcia [Barcelona], held on February 28th, 2013.

>> To see the Augmented Reality interactions, please follow this link directly from your mobile device and then point your mobile device at the header image in the post [tagged with a smartphone icon]. Interaction by dpr-barcelona, Augmented Reality powered by Aurasma.


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