“When napalm is burning, it is too late to extinguish it.
You have to fight napalm where it is produced: in the factories”

—in memory of people massacred in Gaza and Harun Farocki.


There is a fact beyond statistics and ideological positions from both sides of the butchery of Gaza: People is being killed there, damn it!. Forget both sides and ask where is the basis of the powers stating that it’s justified to kill people. In the name of territorial claims, security assumptions, dispossession and struggle for resources, a meticulously constructed racism, religious segregation and the highly lucrative weapons trade. Stop hypocrisy and ask where comes from the authority to kill people this way. Let’s point with the finger to the “producers of napalm“, let’s refuse their impossible winning game, and spit into their face that “to kill is to kill”
no matter the rhetoric used to describe and justify it.


Pic: No Conflict Resolution. Tal Erez. Merchandise from the Store of Historical Events. “Aircraft Carrier”.
Israeli pavilion at Venice 13th Architecture Biennale 2012 | Harum Farocki quote thanks to @juspar


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