At the very moment we’re working in the final edits for a publication to be presented next week in Athens, news come confirming that negotiations on Greek bailout deal are broken. Inevitably the words by Eyal Weizman come to our minds when referring to dilemmas as one of the elements of ancient Greek tragedy. Those dilemmas were symbolically posed as a choice between the two horns of an angry bull… driving at the end to different forms of suffering.

But then Weizman gives a twist to the problem and asks if the real dilemma is in accepting the terms of the question. That we must challenge the voices claiming to have the truth, and the basis of their authority. This would led us to realize that those are the ones placing the bull in front of us, asking to choose one of the two horns [1].

Do we have to accept the dilemma?

We’re happy that our next publication will appear in Greece as the theoretical output of Adhocracy Athens, and we’re proud of the political statements that you will find within its lines; like this fragment from Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli’s contribution [2], that fiercely jump and slap in our face, condensing in few lines: supposedly urban correction, a critique to the well-educated ‘creative’ commons, fear, and selfishness pulsing within that economical construction also known as Europe.


Stanza of the self-imposed siege

In the Middle Ages it was fear
to allot allotments inside fortified walls
for growing food during assaults.

Today new forces attempted
to siege the city — but from within.

Today it is the time of sustainable gardens
to reincarnate the new spectres of siege
— and the ‘moral equivalent’ of war.

The pacified horizon of sustainability
manifests like a wartime without war,
the hostility of a silent Ghost Army.

The patriotic war for surplus has indeed moved
its home front to the inner front.

The patriotic war is now the war on surplus:
on the individual calculation of energy, water, proteins,
and any social appetite.

As there is no longer an outside,
within the ideology of degrowth
we have established the borders
of our own siege.

Urban cannibals
— eat the rich!


[1] Eyal Weizman.’The Paradox of Collaboration’ Introduction to ‘The Nightmare of Participation‘ by Markus Miessen.

[2] Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism (Berlin declaration). Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli


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