Dissidence from Standards


Our turn now. To turn down the pencil, and shut down the screen. To smell the letters and lick the words. To print pleas and share revolts. The story of architects playing the alchemy of the words. We want to explore how architecture melts in the intersection with politics, technology, economy and social demur. We oppose to individualism, consumerism and accumulation. We propose to change the limited metrics that architecture is based on—sqm, budgets, investments—and pose human relations in the center of our debates. We propose complexities: to use poetry, empathy, enthusiasm as new metrics to understand the nature of our cities. We suspect charisma and do-goodism but support the ordinary. We propose to blatantly update our current architectural standards and transform them into stories. We want to do alchemy, to create new elements out of the opposites, to mix up poetry and economy, forgetfulness and mementos, building and subtraction. And build shelters, intangible architectures of nature-grids, time sequences and memories, myths and symbols anew.

dpr-barcelona, 2015.
Ethel Baraona Pohl, César Reyes Nájera.

Header image: Photomontage from l’écran fantastique dans le numéro 11 de 1979 à la page 121.

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